Samsung Galaxy A9 with 24MP camera

Samsung Galaxy A9 with 24MP camera

Samsung Galaxy A9 with 24MP camera
Samsung Galaxy A9 with 24MP camera

Samsung’s high-end telephone lineup is stacked with Samsung Galaxy and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Notice 9 impressing. Its offerings are appealing though, particularly with impressive apparatus such as the OnePlus 6 offering features . Where the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 comes in, this is. For #549 you’re getting 128GB storage, a lot of RAM (6GB) and five cameras. That’s a whole lot of phone for your money.

Helping the Samsung Galaxy A9 stick out in the crowded smartphone space is the eye catching four-camera range on the back. Each sensor sits at a design on the back and in many ways it looks a lot like the Huawei P20 Pro.

The main camera is a 24-megapixel sensor having an f/1.7 aperture. Below that sits a depth-sensing 5-megapixel camera which focusing solely on collecting depth information to your Live Focus bokeh feature. Next up is an 8-megapixel telephoto sensor that’ll provide you improved quality if you are zooming — or so Samsung states — and an ultra-wide 10-megapixel sensor. The last camera offers you 120-degree view, a wider and allows much stuff crammed to the shooter. LG used something on the LG G7 and it worked there.

There’s also a 24-megapixel camera round the front using an f/2.0 aperture. Switching between this assortment of cameras is easy enough in the camera app that is easy and it was fast to maneuver through of the options that are differing.

I’ll have to spend time together with the phone to judge whether or not this many cameras are required and just how great the quality of the shots really are, but it was simple to observe the selection of various colors between each camera. The telephoto, by way of instance, had a warm, orange glow, with the ultra-wide being whiter.

Cameras aside, there is plenty more to like here. Powering the telephone is a Snapdragon 660, paired with an astonishing 6GB RAM. That is more than Pixel 3 XL or more the Google Pixel 3. You got 128GB storage and microSD expansion. Topping off the bundle is a sizeable 3800mAh battery.

On the front is a large 6.3-inch FHD+ panel with a slim bezel without a notch. Samsung calls this an’Immersive Display’ rather than an’Infinity Display’ (the one you’ll find about the Galaxy S9 Plus) as there is no curvature into the sides. It’s definitely not as showy as those other screens, but it still has great colours.

The design of this phone feels — and seems different to other apparatus. It is made of a’glass-like’ material that feels type of plasticky into the signature, but it comes in a fantastical array of bright, sparkly colours. There is a pink and a blue that is similar to this Twilight colour of this Huawei P20. They look good and really do stand out. I’m not as convinced about the expression of the cameras on the back.


FHD + Immersive Display

Snapdragon 660


128GB storage

Android 8.1

24MP main camera

5MP depth-sensor

8MP telephoto

10MP ultra-wide 120 levels

24MP camera f/2.0

3800 mAh