Honor View 20

Honor View 20 Design and Performance Review

Honor View 20
Honor View 20

Honor wheelhouse is. The Honor View 20 is another proposition what can Honor achieve if it goes all-out with specs and tech and will it compete with the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S10, Huawei P30, Nokia 9? Honor has designed”flagships” ahead of – the View 10 and Honor 10 spring to mind – but nothing quite like this. In the View 20, the business combines a 48-megapixel camera, 4000mAh battery, 6.4-inch screen along with the ultra-fast Kirin 980 chip. All for #499.

Honor View 20 – Design

I would not believe 2018 a powerful year for phone design. The issues served up by the notched-screen lead to a mishmash of styles, all which largely felt like undermine.
Honor previously tried to steer clear from the notch with the Magic 2 (available only in China). The design of The device used a body when not in use to hide the front camera. Moving onwards, this device was replaced for the View 20 – and the results are improved.

Rather than a notch cut-out a third of the way across the display’s top border, or concealing away sensors, radios and cameras, the View 20 features one, much smaller hole punched into the top-left corner of the apparatus. It is in which the 25-megapixel selfie camera resides, with the mic sitting in a tiny lip over the screen.
It is a smart solution – one which will likely be replicated numerous times in the forthcoming months, most obviously by the Samsung Galaxy S10 – because it gives a bezel-less look without affecting device usability. This is trivial with phones such as this although yes, there stays a chin at the bottom of the handset.

Honor’s thoughtful design proceeds around the back of the unit too. Here you’ll see a glass covering, whose laser-etched”V” pattern underneath catches the light and reflects superbly. Sitting between the glass back front is a rigid metallic rim, adding a finish.
Impressively, there’s enough space here for either a headset jack (a rarity in 2018, let alone 2019) and an IR blaster for controlling a television. The Honor View 20 lacks any official water-resistance, however. It also foregoes QI wireless something you would expect to see encouraged given the glass of the phone back. I presume this was omitted to guarantee the View 20 remains as cheap as possible.

What I enjoy most about the plan, however, is just how narrow and easy the telephone would be to hold. Though things can be done one-handed the curved sides slip comfortably into your hand. Yes, reaching right to the corners is difficult, however, the device doesn’t feel at all cumbersome in the iPhone’s method XS Max or even Google Pixel 3 XL.


Taking up an impressive 91% (or 91.82%, if you would like to be exact ) of the front of the Honor View 20, the 6.4-inch display stretches from virtually corner to corner with no top notch to divert your view. The only disruption is that the small black spot that’s the camera. It looks great.

The screen quality itself is adequate, too; readily competing with similarly priced phones. Honor’s opted for an LCD panel on OLED, which means blacks are not quite as deep and colors do not offer quite the exact same pop. The possible reason for sticking with LCD has been the deficiency of OLED panels on this hole-punch camera (Samsung makes one, but that’s likely being retained for the Galaxy S10) and, clearly, the overall extra cost associated with OLED.

Still, it’s an attractive screen: crisp, colourful and, most importantly, bright. The 1080p resolution is more than adequate to ensure individual pixels won’t be seen, and while there is no HDR (high dynamic range) support, media still has good definition between colours.